Wayne Arnold and his wife Vanessa Arnold are a Syncis power couple in the making. Wayne moved from Belize to the United States in 1991 in pursuit of a better future, like most foreigners. He started his career in the retail industry and worked his way up the corporate ladder for 12 years. During that time, he realized there was more to life than a 9 to 5 job and living paycheck to paycheck. After reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Wayne began seeking a business opportunity. He started his own business in the mortgage industry in 2004 – with no knowledge of the industry, just moving by faith and a burning desire to win the money game. Within a short period, he was making more money in one month than one year in retail. However, he did not manage his money well, so when the market crashed in 2008, his life and income also came crashing down. He lost everything and found himself barely supporting his family. But there was one thing he knew – he was never going to get caught in the rat race of Corporate America again. While picking up the pieces, Wayne was introduced to the financial services industry – one of the best business models in America. The leadership, like-minded entrepreneurs, and financial education are world class. The opportunity to build a business for yourself, but not by yourself, has allowed him to thrive in this industry. Wayne believes this company supports him with strong mentorship and training. Most of all, he has been afforded the privilege to do what he loves, which is training and developing people to discover their God-given abilities so they can pursue their dreams and set their own families on the path to financial freedom. 

Syncis is a unique company that embraces the human side of business. The tools, system, and leadership are all designed to ensure that those who want to work hard toward their goals have a winning chance to succeed. For any individual who wants to “live full and die empty” and live a “charged” life, it is possible for you to change course and start winning for your family. Success belongs to those who are willing to take a leap of faith on themselves, regardless of the approval of family, friends or others. Wayne is one of the top trainers in the San Fernando Valley office and has been repeatedly recognized for his dedication to the entire organization.

Wayne Arnold

Senior Field Director

21515 Vanowen St. #201 Canoga Park, CA 91303

M: (562) 346-6111
T: (562) 200-5248

CA LIC: 0F77651

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