Maryam Shajari is passionate and ambitious, an extremely great combination for the Financial Services business. Maryam immigrated to Los Angeles 30 years ago from her home country of Iran. Prior to joining Syncis, Maryam was (and still continues to be) a high demand facialist and successful business owner. While working full time for her own facial company, raising twin teenagers, and running a household with her husband.

Maryam started with Syncis part time. After seeing that it was a great business opportunity for her, but more importantly, after seeing how much of an impact she could have on people’s future, Maryam decided to devote more time to Syncis. She is currently a Field Director with the company, and specializes in doing planning for small business owners.

Maryam Shajari

Field Director

22740 Cass Ave
Woodland Hills CA 91364

M: (818) 807-9982
F: (818) 338.0035

CA LIC: 0I81656

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