LORI MELKONIAN Since she was a little human, she's had extraordinary visions of what life to create - one that would best serve as many people as possible. She believed in life. She remembers being a firecracker, always knowing what she wanted and her dad reminding her, "Lori, you can't always get what you want," with the pure intention of protecting her from disappointment. She rebelled against that limitation and set out to be a vessel for people - to help people realize exactly what they want and fearlessly create that into reality. If life isn't what you want it to be, what are you living for? 

She experienced many people having spiritual, mental, or physical blockages that cause pain. That pain ends up controlling how they live their lives, whether consciously or unconsciously. She figured her best offering was to be a healer of such distractions. She pursued Neuropsychology at UCSD as a prerequisite to the medical field. To add a volunteering component, she launched a project in Nicaragua to extend her understanding of healing but she had a big reality check while abroad. 

She was forgetting about financial health, one of the leading causes of distress & disease for people. The day she landed back in America, she was introduced to the world of Syncis. She felt at home. She resonated with the principles our founders have instilled - to love and lead people from a place of service. The vehicle we do this through happens to be financial education - applicable financial education. 

"Money is extremely important in the areas in which it works and extremely unimportant in the areas in which it doesn't." How many of your goals cost money? Lori asked herself that too, got real with herself, and put a solid plan in place to getting there. She continues designing her life and can now help others to do the same by equipping families with the same wealth principals, money concepts, and simple strategies that were taught to her by Syncis' world-class yet humble leadership.

After watching her parents create such an abundant life against all odds, she imagined exposing that abundance and realigning people to the life they set out to live. We all know someone financially well off but has no time to enjoy it, someone living paycheck to paycheck, someone who forgot what they were working for. Her contribution to Syncis is to hold you to the invaluable human that you are. You can have a life of purpose, passion, inspiration and fulfillment - one enlightened from money and time limitations. Her commitment is to hold that vision for you when life's circumstances dim your sight of it. Let's shake a mountain or two in the process!

Lori Melkonian

Field Director

21515 Vanowen St #201 Canoga Park, CA 91303

F: (818) 338.0035
M: (818) 835-1035

CA LIC: 000000

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