Edward “Eddie” Malekan was born in Queens, NY a few years after his family of six came to America from their home country during a revolution. Eddie’s father was a very successful entrepreneur at the time, coming to America implementing the same strategies that made him successful in his country in America; however, not adjusting to the American system of saving and investing. My father was always a very hard working man and knew how to generate a great deal of income but was never shown as to how his efforts could be leveraged by having his money work for him and his family. This was/is one of the main reasons why Eddie started in the financial industry.

Eddie initially started his career in the Real Estate/Mortgage industry, but was later introduced to the financial services industry by his mother, and noticed a better opportunity where he could help more families. There are a few things that prompted Eddie to not only start this business, but to stay in this business: First of all, he wished his family knew about basic financial principles in their earlier stages of coming to America. He knew my family didn’t know about these basic principles of money and if they did, they would have applied what they knew. He figured if his family didn’t know, chances are that there are millions of other families in America just like his that don’t know. Secondly, the Marketplace / Supply and Demand.

There are millions of families out there that needed the information and guidance of professional financial help through education, but most people do not have access to the information. Eddie has found a profession where he is “Making a difference for people.” He looks forward to every day’s challenges, a business opportunity with unlimited growth potential in a very lucrative industry to provide for the lifestyle he wishes to live. Eddie has been instrumental in starting both the San Diego and Irvine Syncis affiliate offices. He operates out of San Diego, Irvine, and San Fernando Valley affiliate offices.

Edward Malekan

Senior Field Director

2575 McCabe Way #110
Irvine, CA 92614

T: (949) 387-0322
M: (818) 307-8063

CA LIC: 0G28243

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