Diana was first introduced to Syncis in 2015 as a client. At the time I was going to school working on my bachelors in bio-chemistry with hopes of one day being a surgeon. Summer of that same year I was invited to the company’s annual convention and turned the invitation down many times before finally giving in. What I saw at that event completely changed my life forever.

I was born in Mexico City and came to the US when I was 4 years old. I will always admire my parents’ courage to leave everything behind and start a whole new life somewhere they had never even visited before. My father worked very hard every day hoping to give my brother and me a better life but he was always limited due to his immigration status. They were in search for the American dream but no matter how hard he worked, there was a very small chance of him getting to financial freedom. I decided to take it upon myself to give him the life he wished he could give us.

Before starting with the company I was working graveyard at a call center. A few months into the job, I realized I was working extremely hard, barely getting any sleep, all for someone else’s dreams and not my own. I did not like having the limitations that a job gives. I was not able to choose my own hours, my own income, and was always told what and when to do things. I always knew that I wanted to be my own boss so I would not have to deal with these problems, but financially wasn’t in the position to do so. 
What I saw in Syncis wasn’t just another source of income. I saw a golden opportunity. It was the first time that I had the guidance and mentorship of a great leader at my fingertips. Coming in to the company I knew absolutely nothing about finances, not even the basics. The first time that I sat down to do my own planning was when I saw how powerful and knowledgeable what the people here where doing was. The more I came in to the office the more I learned and one day I decided that I wanted to come into this company full force. The leadership here is non-comparable to anything else. I have never been exposed to so many individuals that all have one goal in mind and that is to help secure the future of families financially through trust and understanding.

After I made my decision of doing financial services full time, I felt like all the weight came off my shoulders. I always wanted to help my father financially but never knew how I was going to do so. I knew that the minimum wage job I currently had wasn’t going to get us there because it was just enough to get me by. The opportunity that I saw here made me realize what kind of a future I can provide for myself and my father. I am now in the position to one day give him the financial freedom that he hoped he could give us. Syncis is giving me the opportunity to show him that his efforts to get our family here will not go to waste. We will all be able to have a lifestyle beyond what we ever had imagined. 
Not only am I going to make my father proud, but I will also show other individuals that your current situation should never dictate where you will be or what type of lifestyle you can have. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

Diana Romo

Field Director

21515 Vanowen St #201 Canoga Park CA 91303

T: (818) 687-0749
F: (818) 338-0035

CA LIC: 0K51773

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