Dara Bamoradi started with Syncis in 2013. He moved to the United States from Iran at the young age of 19 and started to build his future in this “land of opportunity”. He originally started a career in the retail business for a Fortune 500 company and worked his way up to management. Nevertheless, he realized that all his hard work was going to build someone else’s company, and he knew that there was much more he could actually do to achieve the greatness he was looking for in this country and for his life.

Dara was looking for a business where he could work on his personal development, and where he could help other individuals reach their personal goals as wells. When he was introduced to Syncis, he found a place where people truly care for one another and they want success for each other. He also found out that there is a huge need for what we do and there is not enough people talking about how money truly works to families and communities within our society. Dara has helped pioneer Syncis affiliate offices in both San Diego, CA and Irvine, CA and has traveled all throughout California to grow the business as well as to help families put plans in place for their future.

Dara Bamoradi

Field Director

2575 McCabe Way #110
 Irvine, CA 92614

M: (850) 380-6235
F: (818) 338.0035

CA LIC: 0I59158

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