BIJU PUNNOOSE was born in India to an amazing family. Being brought up in a middle income family, my parents did their best to provide their kids with everything we wanted. In 1997, my parents decided to leave everything they had built over the past 50+ years and start over in the United States. They moved to the land of opportunity, and started their financial lives all over again.
Like many immigrants, they came to the country to provide a better education for their kids and opportunity to succeed. We were taught the traditional motto of get good grades, get into a good college so you can find a good job. My parents worked harder than I had ever seen, they helped put my two older sisters through college who are now successful professionals in the medical field. They both are now married with wonderful kids. I too was on the path to join the medical field with dreams of being a Doctor, but like many students today I had little or no hands on experience in the field. When I finally got the chance to shadow a doctor and start interacting with people in the field I had thought about all my life, I realized it wasn’t the life I had dreamt of.

I wanted freedom, the most important of which, was the freedom of time. I dreamt of having a warm loving home, a great family, and the time to spend with them. After really digging in, I realized that there aren’t many traditional jobs that allow for such freedom, and to be able to live the life that I strive for, I would need a completely different type of business. 
Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the financial industry through a close friend of many of over 10 years. He realized I was in search of something else, somewhere to really grow, develop, sharpen my skills and become somebody. That is exactly what I found when I joined Syncis and became part of the San Fernando Valley office. I was fresh out of college, graduating from UCSD in San Diego, CA, and working part time while trying to develop a tutoring business. I knew it would be difficult and take time, so I got involved part time but found myself surrounded by individuals who wanted to be somebody, who wanted to see not only themselves succeed but also take people with them. 
As I slowly got more engaged, I became part of a family. I felt the same love, care, and understanding from my teammates and leaders in the office as I did at home when I was young. It is amazing to be part of such an elite group of individuals who support me and have helped me develop my business to where it is today.

I came with no financial background and little to no knowledge about how to run a business but was mentored throughout my career here while being developed into a leader. Somebody took the time and had the patience to work, train, and develop me. I am the product of a fine tuned system and the support of leadership with care. I am truly blessed and very grateful to have found an opportunity where I can help people, develop new leaders, and now help other people who are ambitious, looking for something to get them to where they want to go just as I was a few years ago. I continue to strive forward and build a business to achieve the success I have always dreamed of, retire my parents, have a wonderful family, and the financial independence to provide them a life that most people only dream off.

Biju Punnoose

Field Director

21515 Vanowen St #201 Canoga Park, CA 91303

F: (818) 338.0035
M: (818) 835-1035

CA LIC: 00000

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