ARSHO was born and raised in Lebanon, and like most people from the region, immigrated to the United States 30 years ago due to the Civil War. When I first arrived, all I was thinking about was how to survive in this country and how to establish myself. 

I began my career with an international airline company and stayed with the same company for over 25 years. I was just able to survive based on that income. Nevertheless, I am and always have been a very ambitious person. I love setting challenging goal and achieving them as it gives me fulfillment. 
I always had the thought, feeling, and desire to something more with my life, to have my own business. However, financially I could not take the “risk” which is why I stayed with my job for 25+ years. 
Eventually, I got tired of being an employee working for corporate American 9-5 everyday, under the company’s rules and regulations, driving through traffic. My ambition was growing, I was waiting for an opportunity to grab. 

Two years ago, I decided to retire from the company. I checked my financial situation and knew that I was not yet “financially free,” but I took a chance. In the two weeks that I sat at home, I felt so bored not being productive. I contemplated starting up a catering company. 
I had already done my planning a few years prior with Syncis through my niece. Right around the time I was contemplating what to do, she reached out to me to come and meet one of her knowledgeable managers for an “eye opening experience.” That was the magic phrase that I was waiting for. I walked into the business and it has been an amazing experience. 
I am a true business owner with this company, establishing and growing my business, without a huge financial investment. Since then, I’ve learned about basic financial concepts that is necessary for each and every family to know and apply. 
All I have done is to apply myself, and to work hard for my own business.

Arsho Jabotian

Field Director

21515 Vanowen St #201 Canoga Park, CA 91303

M: (818) 835-1035
F: (818) 338.0035

CA LIC: 000000

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