Financial Protection

SYNCIS Associates can help you establish a basic but solid financial foundation. This foundation can help protect you and your family from an unexpected death, save for emergencies and prepare for your future.

Personal Financial Checkup

What Is A Personal Financial Checkup?

A SYNCIS Personal Financial Checkup℠ (PFC) is a process used to identify financial needs and goals to help families make more informed decisions about their finances. PFCs are no-cost, no-obligation meetings between individuals and our licensed Associates.

What Happens During A PFC?

During a PFC, our Associates meet with individuals, families, or business owners to explain fundamental financial principles in understandable language. Associates will put together a summary of your overall financial health by listening to you about your current situation and your goals for the future.*

No Pressure

Our Associates are encouraged to never “sell” any product or service during an initial meeting. This approach enables families to assess their own situation and make informed decisions at their own pace without any unnecessary sales pressure.


  • 01. Manage your Money Wisely

    If you are like most people, than you have a limited amount of money, but lots of bills and dreams. One obvious step to take is to make better decisions with the money that you do have.

    1. Don’t Spend More Than You Make
    2. Manage Your Debt
    3.Create An Emergency Fund
    4. Set Short-Term, Mid-Term, and Long-Term Financial Goals

  • 02. Protect your income & family

    Protecting Your Income And Protecting Your Assets Are Essential For Creating A Financially Stable Future.When You Are Younger, You Need Protection For Your Income In The Unfortunate Case Of Your Death Or Disability. When You Are Older, You Need Protection For Your Retirement and Your Legacy To Your Family.
    It’s important to have adequate insurance, especially for life, health, disability, personal liability, and coverage of property.

  • 03. Accumulate Asset

    The middle part of your life or career is often called the “accumulation phase”. This is because you are still establishing yourself financially and are (hopefully) growing and gathering assets rather than spending everything (which you would do at retirement).When accumulating assets, you need to be aware of the concepts of the Rule of 72, Inflation, Taxes, and Market Risk.

  • 04. Preserve your legacy

    Protect Your Hard Work And Sacrifice By Conserving, Planning, And Transferring Wealth During Your Lifetime. Failing To Plan Might Mean That Your Wealth Ends Up In The Wrong Hands.To Preserve Your Legacy, You Should Pay Attention To:Adequate Protection (Insurance Coverage)Long-Term Care CostsPower Of AttorneyLiving WillsTestamentary WillsForming Trusts Or Family Limited Partnerships For Major Assets

our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help families attain proper financial protection and prepare for the future.

Our Associates come from all walks of life and understand that many people may feel overwhelmed by the complexity of financial products.

Our Goal

Our focus is on helping individuals, families, and business owners understand basic financial concepts. In our experience, after people are educated about these concepts, they make their own informed decisions about how we can help them.

Our Experiences

Our Associates have helped thousands of families. We offer solutions to fit your needs and goals from a number of the largest financial companies in the market today.

In the past five years, they have collectively put over $1 billion worth of financial protection into place for families and small businesses around the country. 

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